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Lauren Behrman, PhD., Behrman Psychological and family mediation services

Lauren Behrman, Ph.D.


Beginning to ski at age 48, my passion for skiing is a metaphor for my work. For me, skiing is about relishing the outdoors, conquering the cold, feeling alive and energized and staying focused and present in the moment. The lessons I have learned since I began to ski have relevance to my work with individuals as well as with divorcing and divorced parents.

One of the biggest obstacles to beginning to ski as an adult is an element of fear. Each run down the mountain presents another opportunity to conquer the fear, stay present, let go of unnecessary control and let the intuition of my body take over and guide me down the mountain safely.

I find in my work, that feeling safe enough to trust your inner intuition, stay present and face your fear will take you a long way towards healing the wounds of your childhood and creating the life you want to lead.

I Practice in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, and do Phone and Zoom Consultation in the metropolitan NY area and all over New York State

My professional journey began when I entered graduate school in Clinical Psychology in 1976. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1985 and I have been in private practice ever since. To further develop my psychotherapeutic skills, I began Postdoctoral Training in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health in Manhattan in 1986 and received my Postdoctoral Certificate in 1990.

For the past thirty-two years I have had considerable professional experience in working with adults, children and families with a wide range of challenges and problems. While I have been in private practice in Westchester and Manhattan since 1985, I also worked as a Senior Psychometrician at the Schneider Children’s Hospital of Long Island Jewish-Hillside Medical Center (1976-1984), School Psychologist at the Nassau Bureau of Cooperative Educational Services (1984-1986), and as Chief Psychologist in the Child Development Center at the Jewish Board of Family and (1986-1994). I also taught and supervised interns and doctoral candidates and was an adjunct professor in the graduate psychology department at Long Island University and New York University. I have been a group leader, workshop leader and speaker for Resolve and the American Fertility Association, running support groups in Westchester for Women undergoing Infertility Treatment, and women and couples getting ready to adopt.

In 2000, I trained in High Conflict Co-Parent Counseling, beginning my specialty practice in Services to Divorcing Families. In 2002 I led a successful effort to create a New York Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Along with Hon. Evelyn Frazee, I was the first co-president of AFCC-NY and continue on the Board of Directors of AFCC-NY. In 2002 I trained in Parent Coordination. In 2005 I completed training in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Practice and Divorce Mediation and began working as a Neutral Child Specialist and Divorce Coach on Interdisciplinary Teams. In 2007 I became a member of the IACP and NYACP and was one of two mental health representatives elected to the Board of the New York Collaborative Law Group as it became interdisciplinary and transitioned to the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP). In 2008 I began working as a Special Master in the Regional Family Trial Docket of the Connecticut Courts.

At this juncture in the journey, my professional practice is rich and fulfilling. It is a mix of individual therapy with children and adults, psychological assessment of children, and divorce services that range from Special Mastering in the Connecticut Courts, Parent Coordination with High Conflict Parents, Co-parent Counseling to Neutral Child Specialist and Divorce Coach in Collaborative Matters. I am continuing to develop new workshops and programs to meet the needs of the clientele I am serving.